About Gluten Free In Cincinnati

Welcome to Gluten Free in Cincinnati! I started this blog a few years ago when we moved from Cleveland to Cincinnati with a newly diagnosed Celiac son in tow. We left our supportive doctors, friends, familiar grocery stores and restaurants - and have found new supportive doctors, friends, grocery stores and restaurants in our new home slowly but surely.

After receiving the Celiac diagnosis for our son, I turned to the internet as we did not know one person in our schools or church (yet!) that had the disease. Gluten free bloggers provided a wealth of information - from recipes to safe restaurants, questions to ask doctors and how to deal with school. It is my hope in starting this website (and Facebook page, which I update WAY more regularly!) that I can help out others that are on this journey, even if it is only finding a new food find at Meijer or a great recipe to share.

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