31 Days of Living With Celiac Disease

Several years ago, I was addicted to a beautiful website, The Nesting Place. Each October, the author would do a series where she encouraged other bloggers to join in, writing on their own specific topics for the 31 days of the month.

This year, the "party" is being held over at 31 Days, and I thought I would try and join along. Celiac Disease is near and dear to my heart, as my son was diagnosed over six years ago and it infiltrates so many aspects of our lives. My goal, as always, is to share what I have learned in order to help others, and to be an encouragement to anyone facing a similar diagnosis. 

31 Days of Living With Celiac Disease
October 1: The Dark Horse: Our Backstory
October 2: Celiac Disease: The Cliff Notes Version
October 3: Cleanup in Aisle 9: The Adjustment Phase
October 4: Old Dog, New Tricks: Finding New Products
October 5: Meijer's MPerks: My Favorite (Gluten Free) Coupons
October 6: The $20 Waffle and Other Reasons My Kitchen is 99% Gluten Free
October 7: Labels and Assumptions: Gluten, Gluten - Everywhere!
October 8: Why the Freak-Out Over Gluten Free Cheerios
October 9: Gluten Free Halloween Candy Lists 2015
October 11: Worth the Trip: Nationwide Children's Annual Celiac Conference
October 12: My Post Diagnosis Cookbook Binge
October 13: Finding Support in Real Life and Online (my favorite GF Mom Bloggers)
October 15: Make-Your-Own Gluten Free Cookbook: Pinterest 
October 20: A Gluten Free Dog - Seriously?
October 27: Gluten Free Vacation With Kids: Not a Complete Oxymoron 

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