Friday, October 9, 2015

Gluten Free Halloween Candy Lists 2015

Though my brain is still firmly planted in September, the leaves on the trees have really started changing this week and it is quite a visual reminder that fall is in full swing, we are in October, and it is time to start prepping for Halloween!

I made a late-night Kroger run last night for three items --- walked out with $46 of deals. ;) Some of the deals were quite good - including Halloween candy for $1.88. The GOOD stuff. The M&Ms and Three Musketeers. (sorry, it was a one day sale and by the time I reaped the benefits, it was too late to share!)

I thought today I would share a few of my favorite gluten free Halloween lists. You can always go to Google for a specific candy, or to the manufacturers website, but I find lists like these helpful for shopping.

Also a thank you to the Tootsie Roll company for advertising their gluten free Halloween products at Target --- all of the company's products are gluten free!

How sweet is it that my neighbors text me pictures like this?

My absolute favorite lists the past several years have been from this site, due out October 13th:
myGlutenFacts ---

And perhaps my new favorite - a printable .pdf of 2015 Gluten Free Halloween Candy from the Celiac Disease Foundation:

From 2014, but a good starting point and I found helpful last year:
Sure Foods Living ---

An all around good gluten-free candy list, which the author updated for Easter 2015:
GlutenAway --- 

Happy Shopping!

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