Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Chocolates

A broken oven + leftover chocolate in the pantry = the perfect excuse to make Valentine's Day chocolate.


That, and I saw chocolates at Graeter's that were SO CUTE but I wasn't 100% sure they were gluten free - I figured I could try and make them myself, and then give them away to neighbors, teachers, etc.

Chocolate "suckers" like the ones I saw at Graeter's... unfortunately I ran out of chocolate, so the neighbors probably won't be getting chocolate suckers this year!
I had only tried "making" chocolate one time before, so this is not something I was positive would work. I simply bought a few molds at Hobby Lobby (LOVE that store) and had the leftover Wilton candy melts. I put the melts into a cake decorating plastic icing bag and microwaved it for about a minute and a half, in 30 second intervals. Once the chocolate was liquid instead of solid, I cut the bottom of the bag and piped the chocolate into the molds.  Then poured on the sprinkles and voila!  Cute chocolates, gluten free.
White chocolate heart-shaped nonpareils

The sprinkles I used are made by a Cleveland company called Brand Castle - they make confections under the Festival name as well. I bought their cute Christmas sprinkles at Hobby Lobby, and called the company to confirm they were gluten free, and received the BEST customer service. I was ecstatic to see their V-day sprinkles flat out labeled gluten free! So happy to support an Ohio company!

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