Friday, February 11, 2011

Ovenless... so let's start blogging

My nine month old oven needs a new "brain."  It arrived in the mail yesterday, but Mr. Whirlpool won't be back to install it until next week.  I am surprised at how much I want to bake now that I cannot!  I have never considered myself a baker, but thanks to our gluten-free status around here, I am really seeing that I have become one - or at least use the oven to burn lots of stuff.

So, I'm using this gluten-free-baking-planning time to start up a blog.  We moved to the Cincinnati area almost a year ago, and while moving itself is stressful, I think leaving behind my comfortable gluten-free routine was one of the hardest aspects of the move. We're slowly trying new restaurants (some success, some failures), and new products as they come on the market (and are available at more stores, thankfully!) - and figuring out the new shopping routine.  I have it down to three stores (any gluten free cook understands this!) and I think I am liking the selection here even better than the home we left.

In the past week alone I have met two people dealing with gluten issues - one that may be diagnosed with Celiac disease, and one that was recently diagnosed.  One gave me the biggest compliment ever, saying that I've proven we can still live normally.  I laughed at the thought of the word normal being used to describe anything about our family, but it made my day to give someone hope.  So, here I am, in front of this keyboard, typing, in hopes of giving others out there HOPE.  It is this online world of mommy-gluten-free bloggers that saved my sanity when my little one was diagnosed with Celiac almost two years ago, and I'm hoping to pass it forward.

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